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Bedroom Wall Decor Trippy Tapestry Indie Aesthetic Sun Moon Wall Decor Hippie tie dye Tablecloth Psychedelic Bedspread, 100% Cotton, 215x230 Cms

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$31.99 USD

This is a Queen Size tapestry. Our Queen size tapestry is almost 83 x 87 Inches or almost 210x220 CM and other sellers might claim theirs to be 55 x 85 Inches or 84 x 100 Inches and this can be used as duvet cover so check the sizes as per your requirements.

This Beautiful Multi Tye Dyed Tapestry is handmade using screen print ethnic method and one of the finest piece of art you will come across.

Don’t buy any Tapestry blindly. Let us help you with the Insights and details of how this amazing handmade work gets done:

Producing a tapestry required the diverse talents of many artists and craftsmen. First, an artist would create a design, and then by dedicating many days they make sure that the design got reflected on the newly made tapestry perfectly.

How we are different:

The tapestries which we make are completely screen printed in traditional Indian method and takes around a week to complete. We NEVER take the short root to produce them in large numbers in very short span of time, instead of that we make sure that we take all the time in this world, to make a BEAUTIFUL product, even if have to make our customers wait for some time. Our tapestries are printed, not quilted or woven. They are hippie Indian tapestries, thin as sheet. Good, tight power loom construction with Hemmed edges.

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