About Us

Rooted from the land of royals, The Art Box has been embellishing houses to make them feel like your dream homes. Introduced in 2015, The Art Box is one of the superior exporters of world-class range handmade articles, tailored from variable materials, alongside a plethora of designs. The product range includes beddings, rugs, tapestries, curtains, and more. 

Taking our first step with The Art Box in Jaipur to grow worldwide as a business, the box of art was initially opened in August 2015. Step by step, growing into a brand in a segment where we coincidentally made an entry, the love for art and the artists’ love kept us going towards our gratification and customers’ happiness. 

We believe in the satisfaction of our customers and rely on their feedback to level up designs and quality of our products. The Art Box deals in wholesale and retail, and is always open for queries and orders. Being close to our customers’ hearts, we believe in the power of art and quality, to deliver our products around the world with export license.

The Art Box opens the door to your dream home with that’s what plush and grandeur!